Knowing it’s time for change

It’s 2 years today, I started John’s Road to Volunteering, and it’s been one incredible journey to date.

Blogs new look
JRTV’s last layout

I didn’t even think I’d make it past the first few months, yet here I am still writing.

It’s been a tough few months in my personal life and in my blogging outlook. Struggling to understand my blog’s future has been tough and has consisted of coming up with new twitter chats, writing more advice pieces and really just not having the passion for blogging like I once had.

Quite simply, it was time to change.

Going through trials and tribulations these last few months, with a few successes like the world record and #iblogbecause, has opened my eyes into the future of John’s Road to Volunteering.

Rounders GJ 33

I’m going back to my roots. Forget the twitter chats and everything for the moment, the most influential stage of my blogging journey to date has been telling my story; using my story to do good in the world and sharing my experiences to inspire others to give back to the community.


This is me at my best and at my most passionate and I’m ready to share my story once more.

Remember my Volunteering story? It’s restarting in the New Year and in the only way I know…A BIG WAY!

BIG….is the best adjective to describe the year ahead and I hope you’ll join me for the ride.

John’s Road to Volunteering is here to inspire, motivate and impact lives with a life-changing story, but most importantly…a smile.




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