Telling a charity’s story via blogging

Story-telling gives you a chance for your voice to be heard, but if there’s no platform to amplify this voice, the story won’t be heard.

It’s why I created John’s Road to Volunteering. The blog is my opportunity to share my story to others and have my voice heard. My voice in a sense where others hear my self-belief and they read about how I got there, and isn’t that what a story is?


We all start from the same point, yet the journey we take is the story we get to share.



It’s the same for charity development. A blog is still a pretty unknown quantity for the sector, so how do you tell your story? How do you tell the story of your beneficiaries in a way their story starts another story?

John’s Road to Volunteering has gone from leaps and bounds since starting in 2014, and my story continues to tell a story, that never ends.


Imagine if this was a charity blog. What could be achieved from giving people a voice? Giving beneficiaries, staff members and volunteers the opportunity to tell their story, inspiring more people to get involved in your work.

You’ve started your story by running your charity; it’s how you use your story that makes you stand out.



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