The big move

The big move…the moment we consider volunteering as a new hobby.

3 days ago, I spoke about standing your ground as a volunteer.

Volunteering is a spare-time activity for many, with reasons being different for everyone.

It’s a big move to give back to the community and it was one I was sceptical about all that time ago (I’ve been in the sector now for 3 ½ years).

One of the my earliest roles

I didn’t understand the positive outcomes volunteering brought to others at the time, I only thought about myself and it’s a brainwave many still have. Hey, even I still think about it.

I’ve grown and grown as a person in these 3 ½ years, and I’m not sure I would be the person I am today if it wasn’t thanks to volunteering.

Promotional videos for the world record

The big move paid off and despite my misconceptions of volunteering, I can see why I had negative thoughts.

Negative thoughts showed me how scared I was of the unknown and challenging my thoughts, but I’ve learned to challenge my ways and find new routes to my goals.

IMAG1499_BURST002_COVER (1).jpg
Looking over my former athletics track



Volunteering is much more than a ‘give some of your time and impact your community’ activity, it’s a way of life where the unknown always appears.

My big move resulted in a much bigger move, and the more I blog, the more the unknown creates bigger paths. This is the power of volunteering. It opens much more than 1 door, it opens an entire row of opportunities, leading to a future of hope, inspiration and excitement.



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