Hosting Twitter chats

One thing I love is hosting Twitter chats. It’s an incredible opportunity to reach out to your current contacts, learning more about their ways, but also a great way to meet new people.

I couldn’t tell you how many chats I’ve hosted to date, but the more I host, the more I understand how we need to shape the way we run the hour long discussions.

I shared my story of feeling excluded at times a few days ago  and how a chat topic can make people feel, so how do we prepare for hosting a chat.


First of all, you need the foundation. What chat would you like to host and why? Each chat has their own sort of niche, so if you feel you can give input to the chat, that’s the chat for you.

An idea is great, but without research into previous chats and the chat’s attendees, a topic has no meaning.

John’s Road to Volunteering doesn’t promote itself on sites linked to hair and beauty. There’s no relevance. Why would I host a chat I have no input in?


The questions I prepare for the chat indicate this research. Do we use plain text? Do we use GIFs? How many questions do I prepare?

I couldn’t run John’s Road to Volunteering without preparation, and I wouldn’t host a chat without it.

Chats tell a story from multiple avenues and with every answer, a section of someone’s story is told.

The more we shape our hosting around the attendees, the more these story are told. Hosting a chat isn’t easy, but with the foundations in place, the community grows stronger, and with every step in the right direction, inclusion becomes to make an appearance.

Put your stamp on a chat and become the voice that creates a handful more voices.

Collectively we can make a difference, but the host is the one who starts this off.



10 thoughts on “Hosting Twitter chats

  1. You’re a fabulous host. I have lost count of the amount of times you have held the fort with #beechat for me! You’re a regular & everyone loves you!

    You’re 100% spot on when it comes to the chats. I loved your last post about including men etc – I always try and do this! #beechat is a general chat for everyone and you may have noticed there is always a range of different people! 🙂

    Thank you for being fabulous.
    Great post – AS ALWAYS!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome sweetie! I love hosting #beechat and the community you’ve created! You should be proud!

      Thanks! You know me…standing up for causes that need to be taken seriously.

      That might be a reason why I love hosting #beechat 🙂 xx


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