New to Twitter?

Signing up for something new is daunting with a hint of excitement.

The one thing I look forward to is learning. I love to challenge my mind to welcome new concepts and with some things they either last or they don’t.

Social media can take its time to be fully functional as your norm and without a friend to guide you, it can be a challenge to even start.

Which direction do you go? 

I’ve been using social media for a while now; the majority of my time at the beginning was spent being nosey. Who isn’t? I still am at times.

We all have our own reasons to use social platforms, and every aspect is an opportunity. Every tweet is a development, every GIF represents further education and every connection is a whole host of potential.

How will the rest of this space be filled up? 

No matter the purpose, social media has affected our lives in ways we’re unable to describe, but what we are able to describe is our journeys.

I don’t think I’ve considered Twitter to be a journey until now, but the more I use it, the more I understand it’s relevance in my life.

Being new to Twitter is entering the unknown, but why don’t you be the unknown and use Twitter in a way it’s useful for you, creating contacts, figuring out it’s uses and creating your presence.

Me sharing tips isn’t creating your presence, it’s creating mine.

PS I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my uncle’s thumbs in the pictures (He’s still learning)



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