Using your story post volunteering

Telling your story at the time it’s happening is powerful. Powerful in a way it has instant impact and creates a presence with others in your area wanting to know more.

Volunteering creates more than just a presence at the time; it has the influence to last a lifetime. The moment we volunteer, a memory is born and thereafter, it’s the power of this memory that creates the long-lasting effect.

Once I decided to end my volunteering, it was down to what I had done to keep people following my journey. It’s a reflection how powerful a host of experiences can have on someone’s life and with many individuals saying they’ve been following the blog for a while, shows the importance of being yourself whether you’re volunteering or not.

It’s being yourself throughout that shows the honesty in your volunteering and it’s the decision maker in the perception you have on other people’s minds.

Beauty is within the beholder

You can be an inspiration to many during your journey, but after, do they see yourself as a role model?

Be the person others look up to

Role models don’t need to constantly promote themselves to the world, as the inspiration creates a word of mouth with your presence still alive and this is how volunteering is much more more than a simple impact at the time.

A single action of community giving brings a lifetime of impact, yet it’s up to us how we use our story that’ll define the time given.

Scary tiger pose

Do we impact those we help or do we impact those indirectly linked to our time?



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