Running project’s on a £0 budget

I’ve hosted projects in the past with £0 in the bank and with every many articles talking about the lack of public trust in charities when donations are received, I wanted to talk about the impact running a project on no budget can have.

We all dream about having a set amount of funding for a project, providing opportunity for growth and development, including most importantly sustainability and delivery, yet the moment a funding bid isn’t accepted or we don’t simply apply, we begin to question our capabilities to pull something off.

It doesn’t have to be a sink hole!

I might sound mad when I say I love delivering projects and events on £0 and that’s mainly down to the lack of knowledge around the use of teaming up with others.

I read regularly about the low % of small charities collaborating and it’s puzzling…

We have the same aims, yet for whatever reason we don’t look into it further.

Until we’re willing to accept that asking for help is never a bad thing, we’ll continue to form an internal base; not external.

Charity is all about helping others externally, and whilst we focus on our beneficiaries and how our projects can influence positivity in their lives, we don’t think about the positivity in our project development by reaching out to others.

I can’t justify how many charities there are across the UK with the same aims, yet you never see them working together.

Why are we putting up a brick wall? 


It’s hard for me to say, but the best way to run projects on £0 is through partnerships and collaborations. Not necessarily with other charities, as there’s businesses, community groups and individuals waiting to be asked, and if you want to know how my successes were formed….

Rounders GJ 16.jpg

It was through partnerships and collaborations.

The world record had £20,000 donated and £0 spent on my behalf. That’s a considerable amount of money, and what was the result…

A world record and a nation brought together to celebrate Rounders. It’s just an example of what could happen, but if you want something to happen, stop sitting down and questioning, and put your ideas into action.

Rounders GJ 24.jpg

John’s Road to Volunteering couldn’t exist without my actions, so don’t let an opportunity to bring communities together due to a lack of resources slip, as there’s a host of other possibilities out there.

Believe in yourself, be positive about your ambitions and do what you need to do.

No-one ever achieved a project’s goal without a bit of hard work, so why is a few emails or phone calls going to be any different? You might be surprised by the outcome.

Rounders GJ 59.jpg



6 thoughts on “Running project’s on a £0 budget

  1. I really enjoyed reading this – especially as one day I do want to maybe think about doing project management in work. So knowing there is a way to have a zero spend, might just push me ahead!

    Lisa | Xx


    1. There’s always a way with passion behind the idea. People will want to get involved when you have a reason to impact the community and the blog’s a representation of this. Always around for a chat, if you want me to give you some pointers 🙂 x


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