A rare Father and Son day out

It was a rare occasion for the Sennett family with two male generations spending a full day together in an unknown city for one of them.

7 years it was since my dad last visited the capital with me, as it was the moment I opened scholarship talks in the states.

Funny how I nearly left before, and despite we’re aware London will soon be my home, it wasn’t brought up throughout the day, as my main focus was to help my dad achieve his dream of seeing Buckingham Palace.

This wasn’t how it all started though…

Before we even got to London it was torrential rain, with thoughts of rescheduling our day crossing our mind. Heading to subway for our breakfast, the mood lifted as the sky cleared up and our day looked promising.

It didn’t really go off well after this, as this plonker forgot to add his young person discount on the train, and my dad looked at me with disgust with the additional charge; I just laughed.

Once we arrived in London, I was home. I mentioned a little earlier about my future move, and every time I arrive off the train, I’m so at ease, with a little bit of excitement running through my veins.

It’s not that glamorous coming off the train, but the feeling of home was real

This wasn’t the same for my dad. The moment we stepped on the Waterloo esclatators on the way to the Underground, my dad, let’s say shat himself at the thought of how steep they are. The idea of staying to the right also confused him, but I had a thrill day of laughing at his thoughts.

He’s very much an old fashioned man, and with the generation differences, the difference between an Oyster and a Travelcard probably brought a highlight of the day for the wrong reasons. The moment I walked through, he tried to mimic my actions and place his Travelcard on the Oyster slot; causing a build of commuters wanting to go through. Luckily he figured it out.

Someone’s enjoying the quiet underground

As you can tell by now, I tend to laugh at mistakes, because what’s life without a smile, even for the wrong reasons and with the comment ‘you can see my nipples’ once he appeared out of the Primark changing rooms, I cracked up with my high pitch laugh.

Westfield is my favourite place to go when I’m in London, as it’s a representation of the busyness of the city and the diversity of cultures and trends.

Westfield, Stratford

I went to Westfield, Stratford with the intention of adding a few items to my wardrobe, and my dad came out with more stuff than me; I only came out with a jumper.

With the football fans pouring into the shopping centre, it was time to take my dad to the place he’s always wanted to go.

With a quick stop to Westminster to see the Houses of Parliament and the Big Ben, I was asked by a lovely couple to take some pictures for them. This wasn’t the only time I was asked during the day. I love the tourist destinations in London, as there’s always a story told by a couple wanting to relive a memory and you’re part of it, and that just makes your day just a little more meaningful, unless you’re a bore and won’t take a picture for them.

Big Ben
E.T was trying to phone home

With the changing of the guard not happening today, I still took my dad to Horse Guards Parade. With luck playing on our side, the clock struck 4 and a few guards appeared, with a crowd running to catch a glimpse of this…


Horse Guards Parade

Walking through the Royal Parks, St James’ Park to be precise, it was edging closer for my dad to experience his dream, and even though we don’t always get along, I had to put a smile on his face, which evidently I did!

Buckingham Palace

Joking about wanting tea with the queen, the clouds opened are and the rain trickled down my head (this is where a lack of hair helps with the wet look).

With a rainbow appearing over the London Eye, it was time to say goodbye to London and head back to Southampton.

Rainbow overlooking the London Eye and South bank 

It was a day that resembled family togetherness and even though we don’t always get along, my dad enjoyed his day and got to live his dream.

That’s what family is all about and I’m sure in future weeks, I’ll share some more of London with you; maybe some family experiences too.

If you’re with your family today, don’t forget they’re your family and despite any ups and downs, they still love you and yesterday was my way of saying to my dad ‘I love you’.



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