First Steps: My story

It was a time of life I never anticipated to have made such a difference on my life and this is where the ‘First Steps’ series idea came from.

I started my volunteering journey really with no idea what to expect nor a real understanding of what volunteering really was. I knew volunteering was helping charities with their work and that was all I knew.

How do you define volunteering?

Strange isn’t it, but we all have a starting point and my journey isn’t yet finished, as with every opportunity, discussion and tweet, there’s potential for doors to open and this is how it all started for me.

Do-it started it for me.

Do-it screenshot.png
The Do-it website

Once I left an unfulfilling apprenticeship, I had no clue where to look for volunteering opportunities. I really did start with no knowledge and when you have no awareness about a topic, what do you do? You ask your friend Google for advice.

Google pointed me in the direction of Do-it and it was the volunteering search engine that identified my path. Knowing I wanted to do something whilst I waited for my next career opportunity, a community based inclusion centre caught my eye to assist with their disability activities.

At a young age, my sister suffered a stroke in her early adulthood, whilst being diagnosed with Chrons disease and with many complications later, I still don’t know up to this day, who my sister was before this all happened.

I feel like I’ve lost someone in my life, despite them still being here and it was this motivation and my attendance to the Paralmypics, my passion for inclusion and equality/diversity began.

Add in being fed up with my own life and something had to change. My career was the start, but ultimately it would be me who needed to change.

I had a choice…stay on the same path or change direction

I needed to find out who I’m meant to be not for my family, not for you my readers, but me. I needed to know who I was and do-it was the reason this all started.

Their site assisted me to start my volunteering journey and without the opportunities promoted, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Thank you charities for posting on Do-it, but most importantly thank you Do-it.

I owe my career to you and without Google pointing me in your direction and my judgement to click your link, I wouldn’t have made the difference I have today.

I know who I am as a person now and I know my path in life, and know that if you’re ever stuck or need a bit of help, a simple Google search could be all that you need.

‘With this being the first of many ‘First steps’ posts, keep an eye out for some more inspirational journey’s from world-renowned speakers, fundraisers and volunteers, as ‘First steps’ gives you an insight as to how a life experience can become the key to improving your life for better.


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