Volunteering adds to your degree

Speaking to Southampton Solent students earlier this year, I spoke about the value of volunteering to your degree.

Education is a high priority for many with their degrees signalling their future careers, but is education enough?

This is the story of today’s blog.

Can you really achieve your career goals based on a degree?


Is all the paperwork and assignments really teaching us? 

We study for years to get into university to help give us a stepping stone for our futures, but is it a stepping stone or a foundation?

Can we build on sand? 

Volunteering gives building blocks for the foundation to progress, with every action developing a new skill or piece of information needed to better your life.

Do books really teach us anything or do our actions allow our read to become reality? 


Can you develop these skills through studying? That’s the question I believe all students need to consider.

I never attended university. I didn’t even make it past the first few months of college, but volunteering has been the reason for my development.

I could never deliver presentations at school,  but here I am…

I might not have a certificate saying I’ve graduated; what I do have is an array of skills and experiences only actions can create.

That’s how volunteering can add to your degree.



One thought on “Volunteering adds to your degree

  1. A very interesting insight. Doing a degree myself i have got to the stage where im unsure if all of this work is really going to get me to where i want to be. With any luck it will but without some of the skills i have learn working previously i dont think i would. I think doing something like this really adds to your skills and to your learning and opens your eyes to all the possibilities avaliable.

    Great post x


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