My mum’s cancer story

imag2075_burst002_coverWhen I asked my mum to share her story with the JRTV community, it came with a price. A price that would see the Sennett’s ‘Stand Up to Cancer’ as a family for the first time.

My mum and I have never spoke about her battle with Breast Cancer, mainly due to the fact it’s the past, and it’s our future we were going to look forward to.

In a post now where my mum; Pamela Sennett takes her stand with my writing hand to help to bring to life for the first time…her fight against Cancer.


img-20161021-wa0000Over to you Mum….

Hi. My names Pam, a 65 y/o dinner lady, twin and a mother of 3. John asked me to share my story with you today and it’s a little odd. I don’t normally do this sort of thing, but it was time that I did.

I didn’t know anything was wrong when I went to the doctors all those years ago, but when the doctor asked me to come back for a second mammogram, I was worried.

They found calcium in my breast, and I made the tough decision to have a Mastectomy. I’m a flat breasted woman, so it’s hard to tell that I had lost one of my breast, but the decision to save my life was easy.

It’s thanks to my doctors why I’m still here today and the support of my family, friends and neighbours that gave me the push to fight. I even went back to work the next day after my surgery and continued to work during my diagnosis and treatment. I didn’t have chemotherapy though.

That’s my story in a nutshell and if you’re reading this, get checked out. Check yourself every day and any worries, don’t delay. I was lucky that the doctor found it, as I didn’t have a lump.

My mum is a trooper and it’s hard to believe she had cancer when you meet her in person, with her cheesy smile and her community presence, but like my mum said, it’s not always noticeable and if the doctor never noticed the calcium in her breast, she might not be here today.


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