Stand Up to Cancer

Cancer, why are you still here? No-one wants you and it’s time for your existence to end.

Today isn’t just any old day, neither is it just a normal Stand Up to Cancer post, seen in previous years on John’s Road to Volunteering.

I’m not the only one here today, so I’d like to introduce to you my friends;

Arti, Jo, Caroline, Jaki and Jilly. Let’s not forget Mummy Sennett now.

In our eyes, Cancer has been around for too long and we think it’s time to hold hands and ‘Stand Up to Cancer’ together.

Cancer can you hear us? Are you shaking in your boots?

You might attach yourself to 1 in 2 of us in this day and age, but the one thing you don’t have is friends. Everyone here is here you tell you…

“You don’t deserve our words. You don’t deserve our time. You don’t deserve our tears. But the people you effect do. So we will stand together and use all of these things to ride your evilness from this world. We will beat you. It’s just a matter of time.”                                                                                                                                                    Jaki

What if you looked at the clock cancer and it stopped?

“You may win some battles, but you will not win the war on cancer. We are coming to get you and we won’t give up until all cancer is stopped in it’s tracks.”                           Jo

Every person that beats you cancer is a step closer to figuring you out.

“Dear Cancer I hate how you think you own the world around us, we will fight until you have no power.”                                                                                                                       Arti

There’s 1 of you and billions of us. Who’s going to win the war?

“I’m standing up to cancer because research saves lives and I want to support the volunteers I work with who are affected by cancer.”                                                 Caroline

We are a family. A community. WE ARE HUMANITY.

“Cancer, you’ll never be as strong as those fighting you”                                              Jilly

“I will not stop fighting until you no longer exist. You have no idea who you are messing with. You did not beat the Sennett’s and you will not beat anyone else.” John

Cancer…remind me. Who are you?



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