Father and Son in London Pt 2

It’s a strange old world my life at present, with new things blossoming, old acquaintances coming back into my life and a host of meetings and get togethers, driving me to do the unthinkable.

It all started a few weeks ago, when my dad and I took a father and son trip to London; my new home and enjoying the capital like many tourists do.

The only time we went before this was when I was talks with a scholarship group in the States, so why the sudden urge to go back once again? If you haven’t read about our last day out, you can read it here.

When we were in London last, my dad came across the tour buses and within 24 hours of leaving the capital, he pointed out his wish to see the sites via a bus.

My dad’s grown up on buses, so it wasn’t a puzzling process as to why he wanted to go on a bus, but more so to the fact why did he want to go back to London, despite his thoughts of the expenses London can occur.

It was this past Thursday, father and son Pt 2 happened, and it certainly had reflections on Pt1 within the day. Putting his trust in me, we set out aiming for our first destination of the day;Westminster. Greeted a short while after by ‘The Original Tour‘ we set out in one of the 3 routes available.

We had thoughts to go on all 3, but the real part of the day was coming up.

One thing many of you won’t know about me is I have a HUGE fear. I nearly drowned as a child, so I’m not particularly comfortable around water. As part of your 24 hour ticket with the Original Tour, a ‘River Thames Cruise (courtesy of City Cruises)’ is offered as part of the deal.

My dad and I were both excited about the cruise for different reasons, with my intentions this upcoming year to finally conquer my fear.

I’ve had enough of remembering my life-saving moment, and the City Cruise was the perfect way to start building my confidence.

Sitting at one of the aisle ends upstairs, I was able to capture some incredible shots of ‘The Shard‘, ‘Tower Bridge‘, ‘The Coca-Cola London Eye‘ and ‘HMS Belfast‘.

It’s incredible how much you can see in London in a day, and even though I’ve seen and been to many of the sites before, it’s always different when you’re with someone who hasn’t.

I don’t know what it is, but there’s always an excitement to show others where you’ve been before, and then making memories for them also. Before we headed back to the train station for the trip back to Southampton, we glanced at the ‘Tower of London‘, and had enjoyed the thought of how much more we can see in London in the future.


If you’re heading to London at any stage, it’s certainly worth while going on a Original Tour if you’re not familiar with the city or Google maps isn’t you friend, but I want you to remember something…


A day with family is a blessing. Whether you’re in a new city or in your hometown, memories are always created when you’re with the people you love.


Apparently part 3 is on the cards!


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