A morning spent with Trinity Retail

If you said to 16y/o me, that I’d be spending a morning modelling, I would have laughed.

I say this, but meeting the Trinity Retail team was something else.

Trinity provide free, skilled, compassionate care and support to people with progressive life-limiting illnesses and those close to them.

Knowing this, when I was invited to try on some of their menswear to raise awareness of their online boutique, I couldn’t say no and now I’ve met the incredible team, I’m certainly intending on going back.

This is a completely different style of blog for today, but I’ve learned to take on new challenges and the moment I stepped inside their Head Office to leaving a few hours later, I was constantly smiling and this is the effect volunteering and the charity sector has on me.

Add in a few stylish items and I’m set for life…

I chose 2 outfits before turning up on Monday; both with a hint of my day to day style. Style…me? It just shows how helping others can boost your confidence.


With ‘Outfit 1’, I chose a more noticeable JRTV style with a casual shirt, jeans and boots.

The casual shirt acted like other shirts I already have in my wardrobe, with the stylish Diesel jeans complimenting my top half. I’m certainly a fan of a booty pair of jeans and these Diesel jeans certainly brought out my assets.

Then came the Hugo Boss Suede boots and boy they were a treat.

What do you think? Does ‘Outfit 1’ get a thumbs up?

I’m not a pouter, I’m not a model and I’m certainly not the stereotypical fashion blogger, but I felt at ease in these photos and was this down to Trinity? Yes, but the items looked and felt incredible. This is how I buy my clothing. Why wouldn’t you buy something you like or feel good in?

It’s this confidence ‘Outfit 2’ was decided. I’m in a lot of meetings these days, meaning smart wear is becoming more relevant in my styling.


The body flattering shirt is always a must in my meeting wear. I tend to go for slim-fit clothing, and my own formal trousers, was finished off with another pair of Hugo Boss shoes.

Both pairs of shoes felt amazing with a space for comfort, with every item of clothing, providing the confidence clothing should bring.

Next, I put the staff under designer pressure, choosing a few more additions to my already chosen looks.

I’m not normally a go-to blazer fan, nor a vintage lover, but the next few items have changed my mind.

What do you think?


It what a fantastic morning with a group of fantastic individuals and thank you once again Trinity Retail for inviting me along and I look forward to seeing you again very shortly.

If you’d like to have a look at the items or have a browse of their online boutique, you can click on the link here, the links within the post to the specific items or to keep up to date with the latest charity fashion news, follow Trinity Retail on Twitter and Instagram.



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