What’s IVMDay? An international recognition for all those managing/leading volunteers in their field of work.

I could have written a post about the incredible work volunteer managers do, but I can’t speak for everyone. The individuals I can speak for are those who’ve been part of my journey.

I talk about it regularly with close friends, contacts and new acquaintances and at times on this blog. I look back at the person I was 4 years ago and I don’t recognise that person any longer.

Re-living those childhood traumas still happen and considerations as to my lack of confidence, but the one thing I do know is how volunteering has truly changed my life.

The transformation I’ve been through these 4 years (it will be December 1st) have been incredible. I’ve been able to meet incredible people, make lifelong friends and develop my personality in a way I so desired, but never believed would happen.

I learned how to respect myself early on and how all my thoughts have actions.

Do I go in this direction? Do I go back to eventually go forward? Who am I?

I’m John Sennett, an international spokesperson and mentor to many. That’s quite a title to go by since I couldn’t speak in public 4 years ago and you’d have to look in a magnifying glass to see the .1% of confidence I had.

Being able to trial and error methods, develop ideas into projects and progress at a speed that I saw was right for me. I have a lot to thank for my previous coordinators.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without their incredible approaches and for believing in me, because no-one ever did. The moment I had others believe in me, I started to believe in myself.

Every time I share a charity or volunteering specific blog post, I look back at the role I’ve taken on and the way each role has had a meaning.

That meaning is still going, as here we are reading this blog post.

John’s Road to Volunteering would have never been created without the support and opportunity given to me along my journey, so to every Volunteer Manager reading this blog post know this…

The way you lead (not manage) someone can have an incredible influence over their future. Influence starts with you and your actions, and those actions will provide the pathway for growth and development for your volunteers. Inspire, motivate and educate.


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