The ‘Male’ blogger label

In a new string of equality and diversity posts on JRTV, I wanted to talk about a pet peeve with the blogging world.

It’s become apparent that the male population have their own niche and category, signalling we’re different. In hind sight….we’re bloggers!

The moment we put labels on things, exclusion happens.

I don’t want the label.

I spoke a while ago about inclusive Twitter chats and following on from this, I still can’t stand being referred to as a ‘male’ blogger.

Why can’t we just be called bloggers?

Why can’t we look at one another as equals?

No words need to be said

Maybe in this day and age equality won’t surface, but this guy won’t stop trying to influence change.

What do you think?

Should there be a niche for specific groups or should there only be one group…BLOGGERS!

IMAG2340 (1).jpg
How an Air Hockey result can represent the inequality in the blogging world

15 thoughts on “The ‘Male’ blogger label

  1. Interesting thought and one I agree with. I experienced this in the opposite way as a cricket coach. I was constantly described as a female coach as I was usually the only one. However I did exactly the same work and coached both male and female players. Therefore I am a coach. The gender divide is not needed. I hadn’t thought about it within blogging, but this is important.


  2. Interesting thought. Yes we should just be bloggers, not just female and male bloggers. I find that female blogger is a term used a lot and i don’t understand why we have to prove we are female, like it’s a shock that women can blog. Though having our little groups such beauty or volunteering can group our blogs not us. Though sometimes with this lable people have a perception of us. Lets be bloggers as a whole and our blogs as specific.


  3. I think that you’re 100% right, we are all bloggers whether we are male, female, trans, gender fluid etc we should just be called bloggers, our gender has nothing to do with what we do. I don’t think their are as many male bloggers but that doesn’t mean that you should be ‘singled out’ in a way because of it!

    Loved the post


  4. I think you get the “male blogger” label as the blogosphere is so female-dominated, so it’s like “ooh you’re a man!”. But the positive of this is that if you go to a blogger event on the pull, the odds are massively in your favour!


  5. I love this post! I’m all about equality and all that jazz, so I completely agree that ‘male bloggers’ shouldn’t have to be gender specific. I’ve come across a fair share of ‘male’ bloggers – and although some of them play on it (‘omg look at me, a MALE BLOGGER!!’) I think it’s only right to just be bloggers. We already have so many labels within the blogging world, there’s no need to identify by genders as well!



  6. I think it is a niche but perhaps should be embraced instead of labelled. I am male and I write blogs. I’m a blogger.

    So many blogger events are female-centric and fashion/ make-up/beauty focussed though.There really needs to be more for men or both genders. in terms of content and networking.


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