A smile costs nothing, but gives much

Taking part in John’s wonderful series I wanted simply to share something I wrote back in 2012 whilst reflecting on previous experiences of being bullied and also at the time seeing a lot of it happen around me. You just never know what’s going on beneath the surface for any one person at any time, life isn’t perfect and neither are people; we need to start allowing that to be normal.

“I do my best to try and please everyone. I’m not one for animosity; it’s needless, pointless and hurtful for all involved. But for some reason people in this world seem to adore it and love to hate others.

I don’t want to share this planet with people who hate you when they’ve never met or spoken to you; they make me scared to be myself, which is such an awful thing. It’s soul destroying when I always do my best to try my hardest with people and I’m rejected for no apparent reason.

If I have done something wrong believe me it’s unintentional, I would never intentionally hurt someone. I’m not one for pettiness. But please have the courage and good grace to let me know to my face what your issue is with me, so that I can address it. Honesty saves everyone’s time. Where are the nice, smiley people?

I don’t have to force smiles at people, it’s second nature, it makes me feel good, and if it brightens up someone else’s day then that’s wonderful as far as I’m concerned. Hate for evil is understandable and there is a lot in this world sadly, but dislike for someone without cause is wrong.

People are so concerned with not being cruel to animals…well humans are technically animals, but people still seem to be very cruel to each other. Laughing at people for the way they look, or dress, or talk. People are afraid of others being different. It’s beyond logical reason. I am so vexed by people who go out of their way to ruin someones day; life is precious and people squander it away being nasty.

All I do is aim to treat people with respect, is it too much to ask them to do the same back?

Surely that should be natural…evidently not. Frustrated is not the word. I’m sick of crying over people I don’t even know, but who seem to know me very well; at least, they know the version of me they’ve created to hate and gossip about, without ever actually experiencing my personality.

You have no idea what someone is currently going through in life, how a smile could give someone hope that there are nice people left, so they don’t feel trapped, that the only way out isn’t to end their own life.

It is not the only way. Surely it feels better to give out goodness than dwell in fabricated hate. Despising someone can’t be fun. Be kind, be considerate, and smile. I wasn’t aware it was that difficult.”


One thought on “A smile costs nothing, but gives much

  1. Just wonderful! I’m exactly the same as you and seem to either be disliked for being TO nice! A smile goes along way. I couldn’t bare to have a miserable face every day. A smile cheers me up even if no one smiles back. You never know it may be received by someone who really needs it one day!


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