The stare

We all experience ‘the stare’ at some point and feel the anxious awkwardness it brings.

I don’t understand ‘the stare’, but all too often it happens to my friend Diarmuid.

Diarmuid’s unique personality is his sight. With the majority of his vision non-existent, I often act as his guide.

We first met back in 2013, when I volunteered at a sports club he attends and it all progressed from there.

We’re gym buddies, meaning we see each other most days and ‘the stare’ lurks around the corner.

We all look at other people daily, but what if someone stared at you down to your unique trait. How would you feel?

Diarmuid holds my arm, giving me ‘the guide’ role, and as soon as it’s noticed, eyes stay attached.

Why’s he holding his arm?

Is something wrong with him?

The only thing that is wrong are ‘the stares’.

Humanity teaches us to love one another, and embrace diversity, but that doesn’t work when we’re singling people out.

Diarmuid is different. Just like how I’m different. We’re all different.

We need to learn this and stop making others uncomfortable just because they’re unique.


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