Dear John…

What a year 2017 has been!

Who would have thought your journey would have exploded once more; I’m so proud of you!

The amount of people you’ve helped with JRTV100 is unreal. Think about how many memories you’ve created through the project and how your legacy will live on.

You’re reaching new heights doing what you love and you’re helping others to have their voice heard.

It’s been a real journey these last few years, but you haven’t given up.

Giving up isn’t part of your vocabulary now you’re speaking across the UK, sharing your story.

Your move to London has been the best decision of your life; well besides volunteering.

You’re so happy with your life, you’re excited to see what happens next.

Keep being you and talking about things close to you.


Your 2017 version.




This is my letter to myself. I now nominate (all tagged via Twitter) ;

Holly @holzieloves

Charlene @Blogabtnothing1

Amie @amiehayward

Sian @sianreed93

Gayle @2202Gayle

Eloise May @isthateloise

Cathy @OvernightBelle

Mchi  @mchiouji

Sabah @womanishaffairs

Jenni @JenniTomalin


Write yourself a letter to yourself, looking back at your 2017 and nominate up to 10 people to share theirs.

If you haven’t been nominated don’t worry. Write your own letter and do the same above.

Motivate yourself ready for the year ahead.


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