FIRST STEPS to moving on from a break-up

It’s not a situation you’d say you want to be in, but with life kicking my butt at this present moment, I feel writing as I’m feeling these emotions is the perfect opportunity to let others know that you’re never alone.

I started the ‘FIRST STEPS’ project to tell the inspirational stories of individuals giving back to the world, and I wanted to do something different today.

This ‘FIRST STEPS’ post as you’ve probably guessed from the title, is how to deal with a break up and to take the first steps to moving on.

I might not know who I am right now, but I’m working out what to do next.

We tend to overthink break-ups and wander what might have been (I’ve done this a few times in the last 24 hours) and this instantly stops us from moving on, but we let it happen.

Overthinking gives your mind the chance to think about numerous situations and where things went wrong, and it’s certainly an emotional rollercoaster.


I figured out what I needed to do. I need to be me. I need to continue down my path, but take a different route. I need to find a new hobby that allows me to excel in life, whilst I allow myself to hurt.

If you didn’t know, I’ve always been a physically active person and I’m turning to walking for my ‘FIRST STEPS’ to moving on.

Walking gives me the opportunity to let my mind be free, whilst exploring beautiful locations and this coming week, I’m travelling to 7 local areas to start my next stage in life.

This next stage will test my passion for helping others and pre-occupy my mind with the goal of daily blogging.


I said daily blogging!

I have so much content running through my head, I want to get them on paper and help bloggers/followers alike to grow. What’s the point of sitting here surrounded by a pool of tears, if I can use these hard times to show myself how strong I am?

Taking the ‘FIRST STEPS’ to moving on has a significant impact on your self-belief. You can either sit down all the time, lie in bed, shut yourself off from the world, or you can live it, try something new and look to the future.

The second option is my choice and if tears appear, I’ll use them to motivate my future.

People come and go from our lives all the time and whether you love them, hate them or want them around, it doesn’t always work like that.

The future is bright and daily blogs are here, so strap yourself in and get ready to learn more about me than ever before. I have a few friends joining me too.


4 thoughts on “FIRST STEPS to moving on from a break-up

  1. Bless u John. Good luck & hope all goes well with your journey. Remember ….. it’s never the end, it’s just a new beginning😉. Try to think happy positive thoughts if u can. What will be will be. 🙏🏻


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