Who are KCSO?


It’s a jungle out there!

Keeping children safe online has never been more important with over 500,000 predators that we know of scanning the internet for vulnerable victims.

However, the internet also provides a wealth of knowledge and resources, engages people worldwide and provides fun and entertainment for people of all ages and it’s important the next generation learn to use it effectively and safely.

As an answer to this a small, dedicated team of trustees and volunteers in Cardiff, South Wales formed Keep Children Safe Online, a community interest project, to raise awareness and help navigate younger children through the internet “jungle”.

Over time we have built up our offerings to include online safety resource packs for schools, free classroom workshops and created our own totally safe social network ‘ Monkey Chat’ for children to meet other peers from around the world. Utilising the latest TouchPhrase Technology, the social network offers children the chance to chat using pre-set phrases and using “wee mee” images to interact and make friends. No keyboard, no voice, no pictures….no danger.

The future of KCSO is very bright and we can’t wait to deliver as many school workshops as possible throughout the UK and we are always keen to hear from any schools looking for free resource packs. A big target of ours is to add different languages to our Monkey Chat social network which would further promote language learning and inclusion, with Welsh being the first one to be added of course!!!

We currently receive no government funding or support therefore anyone who can help us raise money to help carry out our mission will of course be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to contact our friendly team on info@keepchildrensafeonline.com for more details on any aspect of our work.


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