Not such a bad day

Hello there. My name is Ksenia and there is one thing I want for Christmas. That is for you to have Not Such a Bad Day.

And you.

And you.

And all of you, until all of us, have the chance to grasp the opportunities we would like to grasp.

Christmas lights might be going up faster than you can say ‘selection box’, but things aren’t always twinkly. Not in December, not in June, not for you or for me. And not for many, many people in the rest of the world.

But in those incredible words of Michelle Obama earlier this year: “When they go low, we go high.”

And that’s where I want to end 2016: on a high. And I want you to join me. So we can look back on 2016 and say we got people out doing something awesome.

Not Such a Bad Day is a super simple, super uplifting campaign:

  1. donate £2 to help War Child protect children affected by war here
  2. pledge to seize ANY opportunity you have (need inspiration? look no further than hereand here)
  3. spread the word! encourage and help others do the same.

In our own, individual way, we all have the chance for positive action. Yes, there are corporations and governments and individuals out there doing some very bad things; spouting distractions, shunning responsibility, promoting hate. But there are also millions of people and projects striving for good. If we let the former lead us into darkness and despair, that is where we end: all hope of ever being part of the latter is taken from us.

It is crucial to remember: doing good is sometimes just as simple as that – going out, and doing something good. In equal measure for yourself as you would for others. It’s not just about becoming prime minister or a billionaire philanthropist or a charity founder. There are little things you can do too you know – to take care of the world, the people in it, and yourself, as one of that 7.4 billion.

This year has been full of lows, of knockbacks confined both to the dark corners of my mind, and those that continue to reverberate around the globe.

But now, despite many tears and fears, I’m taking action. For 100 days from 1st October, I’ve been pledging daily to make it Not Such a Bad Day. You can follow my journey on Twitter and Instagram. And you can join me, to help more people, have more good days.

Let’s see in 2017 with lighter souls and more hopeful hearts, as well as bellies full of roast spuds and Quality Street.


Ksenia writes at and is on a quest to get more people having more good days through her Not Such a Bad Day campaign. Most of her time is spent asking questions and figuring out how to do more good.



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