Money doesn’t dictate your future

Our mind-set is a fragile element to our daily living, with the slightest trigger offsetting the negatives and covering the positives, and yet here we still are doing our best to make our lives what we want it to be.

During last week’s #BlogsUnite, I asked the question about money influencing our personal development, and this post is the start of #BlogsUnite specific posts, giving more of an opinion post to coincide with the weekly topic.

It was a close split during the chat about whether money is important for our development and I sat on the fence.

I understand where people come from in terms of needing money to live life, to pay bills, support family and I fully agree, but that’s not our development. These are necessities in life.

Development dictates we grow in ways our mind grows and our passion deepens, and in that sentence I did not see the word ‘money’.

Money makes our development easier; paying for courses and covering expenses, purchasing stationary, but it doesn’t give us a story.

I prefer not to pay for my development, as my voice and actions are what’s going to make me who I am in live.

I work for collaboration, mind-set advancement and personal progression. Add in my heart for being the best person I can be and I don’t need 10’s, 100’s or 1000’s of £££’s to influence my future.

I’m the influence. Just like you’re the influence for your future.

To grow we must learn what works for us and to utilise these opportunities in ways our individuality can shine.

Money doesn’t dictate our future, it’s our action and mind-set that do.

Don’t think you can never achieve your dreams, as you can’t afford it. There’s always a way.


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