Blogger perceptions

In a world where blogging is becoming a growing trend, the public view is beginning to put a stereotype around the blogosphere.

Recent meetings and discussions have highlighted this and why wouldn’t there be a perception about bloggers? We have a perception about everything else…

But…and a big but…

Perceptions tend to be shown to be a myth.

All bloggers write about fashion and beauty…do they?

All bloggers are paid for their work or are looking for freebies…where’s the evidence?

Take away the ‘s’ and you have a blogger. Each blogger is an influencer in their own rights and not one pair of bloggers are the same.

The perception of bloggers will never change, but what we can do is embrace our individuality.

Has someone said you can’t blog about that because it’s not your niche?

Do you hear blogging is easy?

 Well it’s your blog and only yours. You might have your own community, but only you know what goes into running a blog.

Keep being you, because you’re awesome!


2 thoughts on “Blogger perceptions

  1. Thanks for this! It reminds me if I want to damn well write about a car despite being giving myself a category, THIS GIRL CAN. I must admit it bothers me when bloggers are pigeon holed because as you said, we’re not all the same x


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