We all volunteer. We just don’t know it!

I had a thought last week. What if volunteering isn’t what we generally perceive it to be?

You might be wandering what I’m on about and I’m thinking the same thing, but what if we all volunteer, but don’t know it?

We tend to look at volunteering as helping charities and those in need. Focusing on those in need, why do our voluntary actions need to be related to a charity?

‘Traditional’ volunteering involves going through induction and training elements, the design of a role description and a number of other necessary requirements.

Life teaches us to be volunteers through the acts of kindness.


Do we consider acts of kindness as volunteering?


Random acts of kindness could involve listening to someone when needed, taking a family member to a medical appointment, or just giving up your seat on public transport.

All acts of kindness to me are volunteering actions.

Take away all processes and procedures involved with helping charities for one moment, as we’re still helping those in need with acts of kindness.

It might not be on an official piece of documentation, but you’re still creating memories.

Taking time out of your day to do simple acts of kindness are development tools allowing us to develop soft skills in a way you would as a ‘volunteer’, and when we read reports talking about the number of volunteers helping in key areas of need, reports will never showcase those doing random acts of kindness.

We all volunteer, we just don’t know it.


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