Do what makes you happy

Ever questioned your blog? Been told that your blog posts aren’t good enough?

Don’t listen! Do what makes you happy!

We get so caught up at times about our growth and what we’d like our blog to be and the moment someone critiques your blog in a negative way, you begin to question what you do?

I’ve questioned John’s Road to Volunteering numerous times and how effective my writing is, but whether it is or not, I’m doing what makes me happy.

Pushing myself makes me happy

We can look at writing content that’ll help our followers grow or influence them to try a product or eat at a specific location, however does this all matter?

I focus a lot of content on helping my followers grow. It’s why John’s Road to Volunteering was created. It won’t be the same for you.

When people question focusing content on followers, they’re puzzled as to why the content makes me happy.

I get a buzz from knowing I’m helping others. For a guy whom never had confidence in himself and still to this day receives very little faith from his parents, I have to do something for others who might be in a similar situation.

I feel I’m in a position in society where my story is more than powerful; it’s life-changing.

It’s not arrogant to think this, but to influence you need confidence. For me to be happy, I need to go through rough periods like I have recently to create content I’m happy with.

Do you understand what I mean?

Our blog is our blog. We have followers, and we have haters, but ultimately, it’s still our blog.

Let the haters hate and the followers follow and use the power of telling your story to make you happy.


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