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For the last 24 hours, I’ve asked you all to decide on today’s post.

I love asking you what you want to read as that’s why I’m blogging. I want to use my experiences to help as many of you to grow and, as a result of the poll, you decided on…



What is attention? Engagement? Recognition? Numerous PR emails?

The fun aspect of this topic is we’re unable to identify the true meaning of ‘Blogger attention’ as it means something different to each of us.

My first year as a blogger was pretty ridiculous. I hadn’t a clue to what I was doing, I had very little engagement and my impact was minimal. I didn’t even know there was a blogging community. Then it all changed.

One organisation shared my story and with their position in the charity sector, the attention came.

This is why I was hoping ‘Blog attention’ would be chosen for today’s post.

There’s been times I’ve been overwhelmed with attention and I want to share 5 tips in dealing with the pressures of being a blogger.


1. Embrace it

Whether you’re receiving tonnes of PR emails or you’ve been recognised at an event, embrace it. Even if you don’t want it, embracing the attention can do wonders for your self-confidence.


2.Understand blogging in today’s society.

I think we forget this sometimes. Blogging is a growing trend in society and the more individuals becoming aware of the blogosphere the more attention this could bring. Embrace it.


3.Write about it

There’s a reason why I have so much respect for people sharing personal stories. It’s relevant and makes you think. If you’re going through tough times, write about it. Not only will you be helping others in the process, but it’ll make embracing it relevant.


4. Look back

I find this emotional to do, as it opens your eyes as to how far you’ve come, but I find this helps me to see why I’m getting the attention. You could also write about looking back.


5. Take a break

Sometimes attention gets too much. It becomes overwhelming in the sense of you need to take a break. If you decide on this, be honest about it. We all find attention different and yes, at times I’ve taken a break as it’s become too much.


That’s it. 5 tips to dealing with the attention bloggers receive. Whether you embrace it, write about it, look back or take a break, understand every blogger (small and large) will receive different levels of attention, but we’re still human.

Do what’s best for you in response to the attention and your future will become apparent.


3 thoughts on “Blog attention

  1. Great tips! Thanks for sharing. I remember when a brand first shared one of my photos on Instagram and all of a sudden, I got thousands of likes. For some strange reason, I was left terrified!!! I just embrace it now.


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