Share your wisdom

A month ago, I visited Brighton, all to the excitement to seeing a Zoltar on Brighton Pier. I’m a big fan of the film ‘Big’ and when I clasped eyes on Zoltar, I had to give it a go.

Unfortunately, my hair didn’t grow back neither did I become an old man, but he pointed something out to the amusement of my uncle.

‘You’re a wise guy’, Zoltar said and my uncle, well, I won’t share what he said.

It made me think about whether I am a wise guy or not, but regardless if it’s fact or fiction, there’s a real deep meaning to being wise…

John’s Road to Volunteering is built on helping others and with wisdom brings create power. What if that power was influence?

I write JRTV to inspire, motivate and educate; 3 areas I believe my journey takes pride on.

When I experience life, I want to share it. I want to write about my thoughts. I want to share my wisdom in a way another person can use it to influence their journey.

Inspiration comes from those who’ve lived. I’ve been through some pretty shit times, most of us have, and yet inspiration only comes from those who share it. Why’s that?

To motivate people, people want relevance. They want authentic voices. Authenticity inspires others to take action, whilst educating. We forget this at times.

Motivation and inspiration are forms of education, and whether it’s spoken word or a typed document, our wisdom is there to be shared.

Whether we share it or not is a different story, but have a think about it…

Do you have a story or experience that could be shared with someone else?

Tomorrow’s post will continue on from this post and will talk about not being scared to share your hard times.

We’re all human. ‘WE’ are all human. Turn your individual story into a ‘WE’ story.


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