Don’t be scared to speak up

Yesterday, I talked about sharing your wisdom.

I didn’t talk about how to do this with a lack of confidence and ‘the wall’ stopping you from making it happen.

There’s no wall! The only wall stopping you from clicking publish is YOU!

You come up with the ideas, you write the content and you click publish. Where’s the wall?


The wall is staring you in the face and I get it.

I get that sharing certain posts can be hard, and I’ve done it. I allow myself to be open, as I want my readers to feel like they’re a part of my journey.

I knock down every wall I face and every fear this brings is to stop loneliness and isolation from happening.

You might be thinking that this is me, not you, and here’s a few tips I want to share with you.


1. Collaborate

Collaboration helps your thoughts come across in a way, you have someone to support you.


2. Reach out 

Find bloggers who have spoken about topics you want to talk about and send them a message. Ask them how they built up the courage to click publish and learn from them.


3. Keep being you

This blog post isn’t about hitting publish straight away. Take the time you need to click publish and when you’re ready press it.


4. Don’t look back

Once you click publish, don’t look back. Be proud of what you just did and stand tall.


5. Know you’ve helped someone

Speaking up isn’t easy, and even if you haven’t received a comment, know that it has helped someone. You never know what happens behind the scenes.


Being scared is a natural process of sharing your content to the world and I’m still scared to this day, but I’ve learned to embrace my past and turn it into my future.

We all have a story to tell, but until we click publish, it remains untold.

What if that blog post happens to be the difference between staying where you are and gaining the confidence you’ve only dreamt about having.


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