I’m here to listen

A few weeks back, I shared how I wasn’t OK.

Life had gotten the best of me and I needed to speak to others. I learned the incredible community I have around me and how even though, it’s the blog’s community, it’s still a family.

I can reach out to so many people in the community and ask for advice and it’s a resemblance to how powerful an online community can be.

I’ve met some of the JRTV community and most I haven’t, but talking to a ‘so called stranger’ can be very helpful.

At times, we find it tough to share what’s going on in our lives online and we can sometimes feel alone.

I wanted today’s post to have a simple message.

You’re never on your own if you ask. It’s tough asking people to listen, but there’s something about knowing someone is taking time out of their day to listen to you that’s true heartfelt.

My close friends and I do this quite often. If something is bugging us, we reach out to one another.

Whether it’s related to blogging, volunteering or how crap our day has been, I know there’s someone who’ll listen.

I want you to know I’m here.

Feeling alone can push our family and friends to one side and believe me I’ve done that. The closest people in my life have done this.

The shit I’ve been through has opened my eyes to reaching out, so if you’re reading this and want someone to talk to, I’m here.


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