The future of blogging

2017 is fast approaching and many of us are now sitting down deciding on our blog goals for the next year. I sat down this morning to decide mine and I’m sure they’ll become clearer in time, but for now, what does the future hold?

The future is always an exciting thought for me, as with daily blogging, I need to plan. Without planning, daily blogging wouldn’t work and my thoughts wouldn’t be shared. Will the demand for more content be put on everyone with more brands contacting us to utilise our digital skills to reach more people?

You tell me. It‘s something we forget so often in the blogging world, that despite one movement working, it doesn’t mean we all have to follow.

2017 will be the year bloggers either continue doing the ‘same-old’ following the pack or more individuals will look to stand out. I stand out in the blogosphere for writing about charities, as there’s not many others who do, and this works for me.

Why would I then go and talk about different topics if they don’t have any relevance? More and more of my blogs these days are talking about blogging and certain aspects bloggers need to consider, and yet many don’t see the link this has with my voluntary work.

Everything links into our blogs as it’s us. Everything we write about is our life, whether it’s a beauty review, travel blog or how we’re feeling. Blogging is all about us and 2017 to me will be a wake-up call for all.

Many people are turning to vlogging for what reason? It looks cool and everyone else is doing it. That’s not your future, that’s someone else’s.

In 2017, we need to see people being themselves and standing up for causes close to their heart. Blogging is turning into a playing field.

OOOO she’s writing that, I like that. Let’s write about it.

NO, NO, NO!!! You’re being her. Be you and be proud! We need to take 2017 in a way we can be the light at dark times, not a piece of a puzzle. BE DIFFERENT!

Being different needs to be embraced in the blogging community, with 2016 still showing that people will not accept opinions unless it’s their own. SHUT UP!

We need to take a back seat sometimes and listen to others. Whether we agree with someone or not, not accepting their opinions is taking away their individuality.

We need to see bloggers speak up more in 2017 and we’ll see a new breed of spokespeople standing up for specific causes and causing a stir in the blogosphere.

The blogging community is a bitchy atmosphere at times and 2017 will be the end of this if everyone stands up together.

We need to stop looking at life with ‘one way or the highway’ views and accept life is about challenging ways, accepting diversity and sharing.

What do you see as the future of blogging? Do we in 2017 need to make change?



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