Defining your volunteering journey

I started volunteering with no real outlook and understanding as to what my future would hold. I had never been in a position where I had control of my actions.

Defining a journey is hard to think about at times, with twists and turns waiting and the thought of ‘how long will it last?’ surfacing our mind-set.

I took a break from volunteering this last year to focus on John’s Road to Volunteering and it’s taught me to embrace my decisions. Making decisions can suck, especially if it’s something you love and where I didn’t volunteer for a year, each day my passion continued to grow. I wouldn’t be running John’s Road to Volunteering if I didn’t have the passion.

Every role I’ve taken on, every role I’ve left and every blog post I’ve written, there’s been a reason to all of it. It’s me defining my journey.

So much so, that I’m about to embark on something special and that’s amplifying the reasons why I give back.

Deciding on your next actions is down to you, like everything else is. You see a role you like, you sign up. You lose your passion for a role, you leave. Life is life and things happen. Volunteering happens.

Most importantly YOU happen!

Volunteering gives us the opportunity to do something unique and that defines who we are. I went from being a sports volunteer to a blogger. I get called a volunteer veteran and celebrity and that’s down to my journey.

My journey defines me, just like yours defines you.

Take the actions you want to define your journey and look back being proud of what you’ve done. Volunteering is a very special feeling at the time and it’s even better looking back.

Give back to those in need and get back a lifetime of memories.



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