Conquering our fears

We all have them…the demons stopping us from doing something.

At the age of 4, I nearly drowned. I won’t go into too much detail, but to this day, yep, 20 years on, I still have a fear of water.

It’s a weird thought thinking about our fears and how we can conquer them, whilst our bodies shiver at the thought of getting what we need to do.

2017 will see me end the 20 year fear and take to the water, and I think we all need to do the same.

Not in a sense of jumping in a pool with me, as you don’t want that, but what I’m saying is that’s it’s ‘US’ who’s stopping anything from happening.

So many times, I’ve looked into conquering my fear and I have been in the pool between 4 and 24, I just haven’t gone back. I want my time in the pool to be enjoyable. People from my past have wanted to be in the pool with me, but I FEEL THE PRESSURE.

Is this what’s stopping us from conquering our fears? The pressure?

I feel pressure all the time to deliver on the spot, especially on John’s Road to Volunteering and when writing for others, but what happens? I deliver.

Why is it different when I’m conquering fears? Why is it different for any of us?

WE are the barrier. We are the barrier that’s stopping us from living life; no-one else.

I don’t wake up in the morning wanting someone to tell me what to do that day; my parents try, but don’t succeed. I wake up knowing I can make a difference and with every step and action I take, something magical could come out of it.

2017 isn’t just going to be a year of me dunking my head underwater, but a year I say no more.

No more giving a shit of what’s trying to stop me from living my life. My parents have tried to influence my decisions these last 4 years, and I’ve listened and thrown them into the bin.



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