What if…

What if I woke up tomorrow and my hair was back? What if I left home right now and moved to America? What if…

Familiar with the term ‘what if’?

As humanity, one thing we’re good at, hang on let’s change that….one thing we’re amazing at is holding back.

We hold back far too often for my liking and where does it get us? It surrounds us with a pool of self-doubt, hatred, and a lack of motivation. Who wants to live a life like this?

I do, you do, everyone does…right? Of course not, so why do we still use the term?

We use the term as we want to put barriers up. It doesn’t matter if you’re the most confident person on the planet or you have low self-esteem, we all have barriers.

It’s the barriers that bring to life the term and we tend to use it more and more when life is overwhelming.

What if…

  1. John’s Road to Volunteering didn’t exist?
  2. I never volunteered?
  3. JRTV100 isn’t a successful project?

Who cares…WHO cares…WHO BLOODY CARES!

It’s time we start believing in ourselves and look at our lives as a book. At times, shit gets real. We all know that feeling. At other times, life is amazing, our social life is crackalacking and our confidence is higher than Everest, and then other times we’re confused.

Why does life do this to us?

People say to me that things happen for a reason and most of the time, I can’t stand the saying, but what if it was true?


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