It’s the time of year to reflect on the last 12 months, whilst stuffing our faces and spending time with our loved ones.

This year has been memorable for one reason…ALL OF YOU!

I had no ‘REAL’ community at the start of the year, as I was still learning about the blogosphere and social media, and my reflection of 2016 are the followers I now call my friends.

Every day I wake up wanting to help others and it’s the JRTV community who inspire me to do more. To inspire me to get off my backside and live life in a way I once dreamed about.

All the emails I receive, the people I get to meet, the blog posts written and the people influenced by my story…you’re all a part of it!

I started 2016 with a blog still pretty unknown, a voice still wanting to be heard and a story ready to be shared.

The tweets, likes, retweets, and comments make my day and every action you take, someone somewhere knows they’re not alone.

You don’t just make my day, you make someone else’s day more positive. You reach out to me, giving me more purpose to reach out to others.

I’ve shared some of the darkest days in my life with you, and I could have been judged, but I wasn’t. You took the time to read the posts and you let me know they helped you in some way.

I have a goal of creating a legacy in 2017, knowing my journey will continue to inspire others and it’s thanks to all of you.

2016 is your year. 2016 is my year. 2016 is the JRTV community’s year!


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