Finding guest blogging opportunities

From time to time, you might notice I write guest blogs for other bloggers and for charities. That’s a lie…I regularly guest blog for others, giving us today’s topic.

I hear far too often that many bloggers have never shared their work outside of their community. Guest blogging is a key opportunity for your personal growth and to gain new followers along the way.

I’m not as active on social media, as I once was, which might seem another lie, but what I learned is to know when guest blogging opportunities can arise.

Here’s 5 tips to finding the opportunities you want….


1. Get involved in blogger chats

Sounds obvious, right? It really is! Once you get chatting, who knows what might come about and I tend to suggest guest blogs to those I feel that have a story to tell.


2. Tweet out your wants and needs

I’m such a genius I know! Keeping it simple, let’s people know your genuine about wanting to share your thoughts and those looking for something new for their blog will get in touch.


3. Showcase your personality on social media

A captivating personality draws in guest blogs. If people know who you are, they will get in touch.


4. Ask

How do you know if someone is looking for a guest blogger? You ask!


5. Don’t focus on it.

Guest blogs don’t happen for everyone and sometimes you have to let things take their course. Whether you’re asked in an hour, a week or 6 months, sometimes the best things are best waited for.


5 tips to receiving the ‘would you like to guest blog’ message and how to let the rest happen naturally.

Guest blogging has been a rewarding outlet for JRTV and will continue to do so, as long as I want.

Sometimes, the best things are staring at you in the face.


2 thoughts on “Finding guest blogging opportunities

  1. Hey John, thanks for the advice! Out of everything on this list, that’s the one most difficult for me. I try to remember being professional & that possible future employers/patients are reading too.. Was it difficult for you? How do you showcase your own personality on social?


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