Self-care is a MUST

These last 3 days off from the blog have shown me how little time I put to one side for self-care.

For so long now, I’ve focused on possible achievements and my personal development, and despite what I’ve done these last few years, I’ve never really taken the time out to focus on me.

‘ME’ is a must for all of us, especially the blogging community. We get so disheartened when we either miss an opportunity, can’t meet a deadline or see a decline in engagement. Why? Maybe we’re  putting too much pressure on ourselves?

Pressure is the tool that see’s us grow, yet another is personal space.

We need personal space to rest our mind-sets and to re-energise our actions, so 2017 is a year I need to also think about myself.

I need to make sure that when I have a busy week, I take the time out for myself; whether it being my health in the form of a gym session, a walk in the countryside or meeting friends for a drink or show.

It’s not an easy thing taking a step back, but here’s what I’ve learned these last few days…


1. When you want to work, it doesn’t mean you should

I’m happy to admit I’m a workaholic. Many bloggers can resonate in this. We get so enticed into our work, when we take some time off, all we want to do is work. I’m preparing myself for being burnt out if I carry on like this.


2. Find a hobby helps to distract our mind 

Normally, the gym would be my second home, but as I’ve been ill, Netflix has become part of my daily life. Finding something that allows you to relax will help ease the mind from getting stuck into the books – or a document in many cases.


3. Social life doesn’t have to be online

How many times do we scroll through our social media feeds each day compared to the number of hours we’re not online?


We need to start putting ourselves at the front of our work and that means taking time out to rest. We can’t constantly work to a high-level without giving our minds time to recuperate.

2017, I’ll be taking short periods of time away from social media to have a much-needed break.  The moment I step away from the blog, all I want to do is plan, and that’s something I’m going to have to learn to not react to.

Self-care is a learning experience, teaching us more about ourselves than we can muster, and every time we take on a new blog project, we deliver, but what would happen if we were exhausted? It would never happen.

Maybe rest is the key to growing our blog.


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