Influencing isn’t a numbers game…or is it?

100 followers, 1000 followers, 100,000 followers…do numbers really matter when influencing?

I wanted to write about this topic today, as I tend to see a lot of comments from bloggers about why they’re not receiving opportunities with brands or why they’re not having a lot of engagement on their blog.

FACT: Numbers do matter, but they also don’t.

More followers give you an opportunity to influence more people, but it’s YOU that influences.

Our mind goes into override with jealousy when another blogger is offered something amazing and that’s a sign of influence. Their blog has influenced ?? to contact them.

Some brands will look at your level of engagement, you can’t stop that from happening, but are numbers really that important?

I public speak now quite regularly and 2017 will see an increase in requests and I know this as my voice is growing. This is what the blogging world is missing.

An array of bloggers who shut up and get on with things. Influencing isn’t down to your numbers, it’s down to your voice and each of our social media accounts is a way to amplify our voices.

Brands will check out your accounts, they’ll read up more about you and they’ll see what you’re about.

Type me into google and press releases, guest blogs and events I’ve held will appear. I’m not ashamed of googling myself, as I want to know the influence I’m making. Brands want to know you’re worth their time.

Question…are you worth your time?

If you doubt your beliefs, no influence will occur.

Influence starts within and explores the outer world. Once you know your path and your story, influencing begins.

I never started my volunteering journey with any influence, but within the first hour I did. I didn’t have a community, a following or any reasons for influencing to happen…or did I?


2 thoughts on “Influencing isn’t a numbers game…or is it?

  1. John, this post is just spot on. I love how you have put it that its your voice that’s attracted the people that want to work with you. I haven’t ever heard one of your talks but I bet they are fantastic xx


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