What are you moaning about?

I want to speak up today. I want to speak up for every blogger in the blogosphere whose ever been judged for having an opinion.

One aspect of blogging I hate is the bitchiness. The individuals who can’t accept someone for who they are or the opinions they are.


You heard me….STOP! We need to stop judging individuals and embrace them. We need to embrace everyone and stop moaning, just because someone has an opinion.

I get that at times we might not agree with them or their content is offensive, but let them be. We don’t need a riot on social media, ending up with bloggers ganging up on the individual.

It happens all too often. People moan about the most ridiculous things and is that what they do with their day? They look for something to moan at?

Why don’t you take a step back and just enjoy your life? Do we need to comment on every little thing for what outcome…? You’re looking for publicity. You’re moaning so you can get your 15 minutes of fame and get people’s attention.

You have nothing better to do with your day, so you look for the perfect opportunity to use someone else for your gain.

Well I’m speaking up and telling you to sort yourself out.

Whether you’re right or wrong for moaning, there’s no need for it. Every human has their own beliefs, their own opinions and own mind-set, why take this away from someone?

Not everyone is going to agree in life and we need to accept this. Once we accept that our moaning has no meaning besides trying to get attention, the blogosphere will be a more inclusive place.



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