My 2017 bucket list

It’s that time of year, we take the plunge and predict, well not predict, hope we can achieve great things big or small, progressing onto the next stage in life and loving what we’re doing along the way.

2017 is an exciting year for me, as I embark on my biggest volunteering project to date, meaning I’m upping the ante this year. I don’t want a simple year. I want a year that’s going to test me to my limits, allowing me to reach out to even more people and to use my story; past, present and future to influence the actions of those around me.

These actions will allow me to impact lives in ways I wish and to be a more confident person, as I look to speak up more about the topics close to me.

John’s 2017 bucket list

Continue daily blogging

Become a Ted X speaker

Speak at 5 events (Already been asked to speak at 3)

Deliver a volunteering workshop (Already been asked)

Visit/Speak Up in Parliament

Visit every UK country

Attend a blogger event

Help my friend become a Paralympic GB Athlete

Bench press 100kg (Currently at 80kg for 8)

Move to London

Get a new tattoo (You’ve got the words to change a nation)

Get over 189 in Bowling (My current best for one game)

See some sort of show every month (Booked 6 so far)

Inspire more people through my story

Plan a 2018 fundraising challenge

BBC + ITV interview

Volunteer with 30 charities

Visit my sister in Sheffield

Meet my blogger friends

Become a charity trustee

Put my head under water

Climb a mountain

Meet a member of the Royal Family

Speak up about equality and diversity

Start writing a book


Every single one of these are achievable, and will be achieved. Question is…

What are you hoping to achieve this year?


9 thoughts on “My 2017 bucket list

  1. Looks like an incredible bucket list! I would love to get involved with more charity work, I currently work as a fundraiser and it’s so rewarding! I hope you tick off most (if not all) of this list by the end of the year 😊

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  2. You’ve got an ambitious & impressive year coming up! Good luck on all your goals :)) You are already so close to achieving quite a few of them! Any advice on better public speaking/presentation skills? I am wanting to get better with this. Thx & Happy 2017!


  3. What a great list! Some interesting goals on there and totally achievable. What kind of book are you interested in writing?

    My main goals are to succeed in my Charity Apprentice course, take the next step in my career and find a new place with my partner. I am inspired to make some smaller goals to add in throughout the year now though!


  4. What an incredible bucket list. – we share quite a few goals for 2017 because i would like to do a BBC/ITV interview, inspire others using my story, speak at events and meet some of my blogging friends. I am sure that you can achieve all of these amazing things with the determination that you have!


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