Influencing yourself

The term ‘influencer’ is becoming more apparent in the world with 2017 set to open a pathway for the next breed of influencers to rise up.

Influencing is an act of persuasion after voicing one’s opinion, with the reader or viewer following the influencers action post indulging in the content.

The term is now being used more with John’s Road to Volunteering, with many now looking at the blog as ‘the go-to platform for volunteering’, yet I disagree.

I disagree for one reason… John’s Road to Volunteering isn’t the influence, I am. It’s a thought process we all need to consider, as without the person behind the content, the content wouldn’t be created.

We meet people everyday, week, depending on your life and each person has an influence on their own journey.

For some, influencing can be getting out of bed, others could be running a marathon. Influencing is all person dependent and each journey is our own.

It’s once we influence ourselves, influencing others will happen.

We can have the most amazing support in the word, but influencers don’t require support, they take those around them on the journey.

It’s the self-confidence of an influencer which is the most recognisable attribute, and just because they’ve lived life, it doesn’t mean they’ll influence.

It’s until you put yourself out there and trust in your voice and story, the pathway to influencing will open up.



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