Starting JRTV100 with my Cycles4all family

If I could describe Pavilion on the Park and their Cycles4all team it would be my family. 4 years ago, I took my first steps to being a volunteer by walking through their doors and being instantly inspired by their work.

Inclusion has always been a close passion of mine and knowing Cycles4all is there to provide inclusive cycling, I knew I wanted to start JRTV100 with them.


Walking back through their doors this past week made me remember when I did so back in December 2012. You walk through their doors and you instantly feel something special. You know the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you know you’re home, I get this every time I volunteer with the team.

Where/How did my week start off?

It first started with a catch-up. It’s been 18 months since I saw the team last, so I wanted to kick-off my week by having a natter with Daisy. Daisy was my first Volunteer Coordinator, and you could say she started my passion for giving back, so I have a lot to thank her for.


We both haven’t changed at all over these last 4 years (I’m a bit cheekier now), and this is why she inspires my journey. I learned during this week and whenever I’ve been with the staff and volunteers to always be myself.

Every action has an outcome and when your actions is to inspire disabled adults to be active, what more could you want?

The role of ‘Cycle Volunteers’ (the project’s main role) is to support the project’s main aim, as pointed out above. The project focuses on their service users, and how their bikes can be a support for those who might not be able to cycle on traditional 2-wheel bikes.

The opportunity to be part of something so unique is a real experience. Not only as you’re doing something amazing for your community, but you’re also developing on the role. With every bike being specialised, there’s always a chance to learn, whether you’re a cycle novice or veteran, and the most important part is you’re making someone’s day.

It was also a privilege to be part of a video on their behalf, as they’ve recently been nominated for a local sports award. The project deserves every recognition it receives and you could be part of this.


Pavilion on the Park, the complex Cycles4all are part of, has been through an exciting development with the opening of their Blackbird Café and Nightingale Annexe, and Cycles4all now have their own mile-long track.


IMAG2764 (1).jpg

What more do you want than fresh-air, an opportunity to improve your health and to be part of a volunteering family?

I found my role with them through and by clicking this link, it’ll take you to the opportunity to volunteer with them.

4 years ago, I had nothing going for me. Cycles4all was the start of my journey and will always be known as the birthplace of John’s Road to Volunteering.


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