Life is a journey

This week has been overwhelming…very overwhelming! I started this week with notification that I’m a nominee for a national award, and the day after JRTV100 launched!

The one thing I love about my life at the moment is the unknown. I might know some of the charities involved in my JRTV100 project, but until I meet, chat over the phone, whatever form of communication is taken, I never know what the outcome will be.

Did I expect to be asked to Skydive? Absolutely not! Did I expect to be asked to support a national campaign linked to a charity close to my heart? Absolutely not!

Life is currently teaching me every action is part of a journey. We’re all living a life put in front of us, and then it’s up to us to define what happens in this ‘so called’ journey.

Every journey has it’s ups and downs, twist and turns, and at times can push us to our limits, but isn’t this part of life? Part of our road to (did you like what I did there?)

We might be at a point in life where things are amazing; home life, career wise, really anything you see beneficial to you and if you’re not where you want to be, maybe there’s something coming up?

I tweeted this morning about my anticipation to originally volunteer for an hour, and yet JRTV100 is already achieving more things I could have ever imagined.

My 20-year existence prior to volunteering didn’t seem like a great time, well it really wasn’t, but John’s Road to Volunteering, JRTV100 and now my Skydive, wouldn’t all be happening if life didn’t shit on me at one stage!

We can’t control what happens in our lives when we’re born, but we can for the rest of it!

Life is most definitely a journey, and even at times of misery, we can question whether things will get better and I can tell you it will….but…you need to believe this!

JRTV100 was originally meant to start last year, but it didn’t. Life influenced my decision to wait a year, and I see this as an amazing decision.

Things don’t always happen straight away, as it’s not the right time. You might not see this or believe it at this precise moment, and neither did I, yet, my story keeps growing!



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