Let your personality shine

There’s a platform there! Well a step! Why aren’t you standing on it? Why are you looking at me like an alien?

Ok, I understand I have an E.T shaped head, and I’m a giant, but there’s still a step there!

I’m not crazy, there’s a step right there! Really…Why aren’t you standing on it?

Besides having a conversation with myself, there really is a step there? Why aren’t you standing on it?

Luckily, this blog post isn’t just ‘there’s a step there’, but there’s a reason why the above was written. Why aren’t you standing on it?!

Maybe, I don’t want to! Maybe you should?

It’s a constant battle to bring your personality out and despite my mother having me tested, I’m not crazy; I’m just a tad cheeky!

Cheekiness is what comes across in many of my conversations, and most definitely in blogger chats! Maybe in meetings too! Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Don’t tell anyone!

There’s always a step to bring out your personality, yet sometimes it can be a barrier. Self-confidence highlights the love we have for ourselves, and at times we don’t. There could be an opportunity staring at us right in the face, yet we don’t see it or we don’t take the step to let our personality shines!

I want 2017 to be a year I help more people take their place on the step and to let their personality shine. It’s time for everyone to know how awesome you are!

Did I tell you? There’s a step over there!


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