Why do I volunteer?

It’s time for a dash of reflection in today’s post! With JRTV100 in full flow, I wanted to open about why I volunteer and to the extent that I do.

10 days into 2017 and it’s already become overwhelming. Messages have poured in to thank me for what I do for others, but I want to thank everyone for being part of my journey.

I say this all the time, but I never expected any of this to happen. I never expected John’s Road to Volunteering to get to where it is and it’s all thanks to you guys for supporting me along the way.

You may or may not know that when I was younger, I always dreamt of being a professional athlete. I got fingertips away from heading to America on a scholarship, but my ‘grandad’ knees happened. Life happened. Life changed in a way I had no direction, felt I had no purpose and felt like a burden.

I had nothing going for me and that was when volunteering happened. You could say I put all my energy into volunteering, as that’s what I saw as an opportunity. I had nothing else happening, so why not see if volunteering was the next stage of my life.

Is it? Was it? I think John’s Road to Volunteering explains this, probably in too many words.

The reasons for why I volunteer to the extent I do isn’t down to my passion, this blog or my past. Volunteering is quite simply my life. I wake up in the morning thinking about what I could do for others, I think the same during the day and at night, I look back at the previous day, whilst contemplating what might occur tomorrow.

My brain is always ticking with new thoughts;

  • Am I doing enough?
  • If I look back tomorrow on today, did I do what I wanted to do?
  • What can I do in the future to reach more people and as a result, help more people in need.

I don’t volunteer for me, I don’t volunteer for the blog, I volunteer for all those people that have doubts. Those people that wake up wanting to volunteer, but might be unsure. Those people who think volunteering is a joke, and look only at the unpaid nature of their time, not at the main point of volunteering. Volunteering is there to better lives; your own and those you’re helping.

Volunteering has enriched my personality and has allowed my cheeky chappy nature to shine on those in dark places. Volunteering has allowed me to better myself and to find my voice.

Most importantly….

Volunteering has allowed me to find my place on this planet and to open my eyes to what I need to do. My path is to inspire others. My path is to be a spokesperson. My path is to be me!

Volunteering helped me to find out who I am and that’s why I volunteer.


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