Does your future involve volunteering?

I get asked this question all the time…”Why did I start volunteering?”. I quite frankly didn’t see my future to be in the voluntary sector before I volunteered and yet my future plans are now appearing with a few COMMUNITY-FOCUSED fundraising challenges.

As I didn’t expect my future to be like it is today, I wanted to share my thoughts on whether volunteering is right for you and if it’s part of your future.

Volunteering isn’t for everyone, let me just say that. Many people are forced by job-related companies to volunteer and yet don’t stick around due to having no interest or passion for helping others.

The unpaid nature is always a stumbling block for many, as who’d want to work for free, right? I do and there’s many reasons for this….

1. Volunteering gives you an opportunity to voice

Many previous jobs have left me miserable, as I wasn’t heard. Managers don’t take into consideration your wants from your role, and yet volunteering is different. Your Volunteer Coordinators want you to get the most out of your time.

2. Equal opportunities

Finishing off no.1, volunteers are given a voice by being allowed to take ownership of their journey. Want to do something? Say! Not sure if you want to do that role or task? Say! Your thoughts are valued by charities.

3. Personal development

I hated presentations at school, and now I speak across the south and in London, sharing my story to a variety of audiences. The list of skills you can develop are endless and each volunteering session, there’s something to either learn or to develop. Development doesn’t necessarily mean something new, but might mean improving what you already have.

4. Family

So many charities I volunteer with today, and in the past, all gave me a sense of family. It’s amazing to see how a group of people who once never knew each other, come together to do something amazing!

5. The feel good factor

Bringing everything together, volunteering gives me a sense of accomplishment! You finish your session knowing you’ve made a difference and someone somewhere will be smiling, knowing they’re not on their own. Maybe, you’ll bring a smile to a fellow volunteer.

5 reasons why I volunteer and 5 reasons why I have loved every minute of my journey.

You might be reading this and unsure if volunteering will be part of your future, but until you give it a try, how will you know?

Give an hour to a charity and see what happens.



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