We all start somewhere

Does the picture above look a bit plain? Not much character in its meaning?

I’ve seen time and time recently in the blogging world, that many are either unhappy with their content or how the lack of engagement they see in their stats?

We’re forgetting that we all start somewhere and whether you’re a blogging newbie, someone whose blogged for 2 years and have hit the wall or a blogging veteran; at times, we think we know what’s best, but a little bit of disengagement questions it all.

When we attempt something new, we can understand whether it’ll work in a number of ways;

  • Analysing stats from previous blog posts
  • Asking for feedback from our followers
  • Setting up a poll

If you’re brave enough, you just wing it! It doesn’t matter what stage we’re at in our blogging, things don’t always work out the way we want them to, but we forget one thing…

Blogging is a form of education. We learn more about our content as time goes on, but everything we do is trial and error.

Trial and error teaches us to try new things and to see what happens. We all started a blog for a reason and despite our intentions to go down a certain route, alternatives can always appear.

If you’re reading this and questioning whether blogging was worth it in the first place, question yourself as to why you started blogging?

  • Love writing and wanted to express your feelings?
  • Have a story and wanted others to know?

It doesn’t matter what the reasons were, we all have a purpose in the blogging world. Did I ever think I’d be writing about blogging? No, but the time came when a new avenue was to be taken.

Every blog post hasn’t worked for me previously and I want that to sink in for the moment.

I have questioned John’s Road to Volunteering and when I’ve tried something new that hasn’t worked look at the whole perspective, but do you want to know something?…

I learn from it and I try something new. Blogging really is a great learning opportunity; content, building a community and ourselves, so why question what we do?

We have a great power with our blogs, and that starts with us! When we believe in our content, others will believe in you and what happens if they don’t?

It’s not the end of the world! People will respond to content and others won’t, but just because a blog post has 0 likes or comments, it doesn’t mean it’s disengaging.

That’s what you think! Everything is what you think! Rather than trying to create something new, start by asking yourself if you’re proud of it and if you are…GO FOR IT!

It’s not necessarily the first person to the destination that wins, but the person who gets to experience life to the full and the adventure it brings.

Maybe questioning your content is part of this adventure.


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