Morning motivations

What gets me up in the morning you ask?

The freezing temperatures at present are causing a blunder in my morning motivations, so when the topic was today’s chosen topic, it became apparent, I’m more motivated than I care to believe.

I’m not a morning person. Let’s start by saying that! Most people, including me, would prefer to stay in bed, snuggle up in the warmth and have a good snooze, but with many things now happening, motivation is a much-needed internal feeling.

I want to wake up in the morning feeling alive, excited for the day…do you ever feel like this? I want my day to have purpose, so when I relax in the evening, I can look back being proud of what I accomplished.

We quite simply don’t do this enough. We forget that for results to appear, the hard graft needs to be put into action.

Waking up in the morning without a single ounce of motivation for the gym for example…does it have to be this way? Are we thinking about the feeling we’d feel in the evening or straight after the workout?

Do we wake up in the morning ready to take photos for our blog? Some of us might, and others won’t, but what happens when rain appears or the light isn’t quite right? Many don’t upload and wait for another day, but actually…isn’t there a creative opportunity here? A creative opportunity that allows us to expand our horizons with looking for alternative pictures to what we first wanted.

I don’t go into every day following the plan I originally set out. Stuff happens and flexibility must be used.

I’m inspired every morning knowing each action I take, someone will be positively impacted. I go to the gym early in the morning not to motivate me for my day, but to motivate my impact.

I look at every turning, every avenue and every door as an opening. I wake up seeing every cloud, path of fog as a journey.

There’s meaning behind everything in life, and sometimes struggling to get up can mean that what you had planned isn’t what you need to do, but the only way you’ll know this is to get your bum out of bed and give it a try.

That’s my motto in life.

“Unless you give something a try, how will you know it’s place in your life?”


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