Blogging ruts

More and more bloggers are feeling depleted due to a lack of inspirational blog ideas coming to mind. Before I started daily blogging, at times, I would sit there without an ounce of wisdom willing to be shared, and then something changed. I decided to reflect on what JRTV was all about and what I wanted the future of the blog to look like.

My first year in blogging focused solely on volunteering and that part of my journey. It soon became apparent that something was missing.

I took some time to reflect on my wants from the blog, and knowing I want to inspire others, help others have their voice heard, and I want to use my past to influence the future.

I had put some limitations on reaching these wants, when I only focused on one topic. When many bloggers speak about their wants to write about new topics, then DO IT!

Rather than thinking about your blog in a niche with everyone else, create your own niche! Make your blog stand for what you want it to and even if you’ve been writing about the same topic for a while, new pathways always appear when the blogging ruts begin.

Take the main image for example. There’s a gate padlocked. If you came across this, what would you do? Would you turn around and go back or would you try and find an alternative route?

Alternative routes to me are a myth in blogging, as the word ‘scared’ electrifies when we’re afraid of being judged. We all get judged in the blogging world, whether good or bad, but unless we understand that our blog is OUR blog and yes, it’s great to know what your readers want, you still have the final say in the content.

I don’t think there’s something called ‘a blogging rut’. I think the rut is the limitation we’re putting on ourselves and the blogs content.

Why are we so caught up with feedback? Haven’t we ever thought that there might be someone out there who loves our content, but doesn’t tell us?

Time relevance

IMAG1390 (2).jpgWhat if the reason we’re in a rut IS down to something? Time for example. We all know blogging takes up a lot of our time, whether it’s a hobby or our career, and the amount of time we spend is down to a number of circumstances.

Is time relevant to a blogging rut? I honestly don’t think so. I think it comes down to how bad we want to blog. If we want to blog, we should be doing what we have to do to get the content out.

Lack of photography

IMAG2720.jpgPhotography is a pain in the bum! We have an incredible idea, but with no photography opportunity or inspiration, we tend to put that content to one side. Why? Did you read my creative photography post?

I don’t think photography is the issue with a blogging rut, it comes down to the time factor above. If we want something bad enough, we’ll make it happen. Is it too dark when you finish work for pictures? Have the freezing temperatures stopped you from going outside?

Why should this stop us from taking photos? Are you actually setting time specifically to take pictures?

No inspiration

IMAG2419 (2).jpgOne thing I always say in chats is…I don’t look at others for inspiration. I use my future self to influence my content. What would you want to read looking back at your blog in a few month’s time?

Why are we not looking at ourselves as an inspiration?

What we can do at times, and one thing I see a lot of, is we look at others for inspiration. Doing this, we’re basically saying, that if there’s no-one to inspire you, there won’t be content. Why are we relying on others to interact the brain cells unleashing our inner thoughts?

Personal commitments

IMAG2739 (2).jpgThere is a time when personal commitments i.e. work, university or family can play a role in our blogging rut.

Having a lot on can drain our energy of ideas and it can, in worst case scenarios question whether blogging is part of your future.

If you’re questioning it, it is part of your future. You’re putting barriers up, telling you to quit. You’re the one who has control over your actions and if you want to blog, you’ll make the time to do so.



4 thoughts on “Blogging ruts

  1. I’m definitely lacking motivation more than anything right now! I have the inspiration, but without the motivation, does that even matter? I keep ending up with half written posts, or pictures that I don’t like, so I definitely feel stuck in a blogging rut right now.

    Kayla |


  2. Great post John! I am really in a blogging rut atm and I can’t seem to get out of it, I’m lacking so much inspiration and motivation for writing posts and I’m ashamed to say the least about this. I do believe in the blogging rut though, I always write what I want, when I want and don’t put pressure on myself from other because like you say, it’s my blog and I have Final say. But I am in a rut because my problem is just don’t want to write, I can’t think of anything to write about…. I normally have 3 months worth of content lined up and ready to go but I’m down to the wire and I’m worried.

    Jordanne ||


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