One’s success isn’t your own

Yesterday, I shared my thoughts on building a community, and as I’ve very recently received a tonne of messages asking me for advice about growing their social media, I thought today’s post was relevant.

Ask yourself…What is success?

Success to me is very individual. I could say helping 1 person every day, whether in person or online, as my success. Would this be your success? Would you have decided the same goal?

Probably not.

We’re one jealous humanity, especially when someone has accomplished we so admire, and yet we take this personally.

Why haven’t I done this? I want to do it!

Great, that you want to do it, but again it’s their success, it’s not yours.


When you look back at your journey, would you instantly think…’Wow! Look at what I achieved!’, or would you think…’Wow! Look at what they achieved!’….

I like to think about the future when I determine my goal. I like to think about if I look back, would I be proud of what I done and was it enough?

In a sense, I want my journey to be defined by me; my thoughts, my actions, my voice.

That’s not someone else’s worry, that’s my own, but when I see bloggers getting jealous over what someone achieved and instantly wishes it was themselves tweeting about good news, I tend to think…

Why are we allowing the successes of others to dictate our own?


We need to take the first steps in realising that we need to make our own success, not someone’s else’s.

It’s great when we see someone achieve something amazing, be offered an incredible opportunity or has reached a goal, but leave it at the support, not your actions.

Let your actions be determined by your wishes and solely your wishes.

Your success is determined by you and when we begin to understand this, someone’s achievement won’t be seen as a wakeup call for ourselves to get our backsides into gear.

Your backside is great. Your thoughts are great. Your future is great. Make it happen!


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